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NCGV will handle Intra-Familial Transfers when the firearm is being SHIPPED directly to us from out-of-state (P.C.16720).  If the firearm has already been acquired by the new family member then they must complete the Intra-Familial Transfer Paper Form or complete online in CFARS and register directly with CA DOJ within 30 days (P.C. 27875).

​These are the ONLY family relationships that qualify:

  • Parent > Child
  • Child > Parent
  • Grandparent > Grandchild
  • Grandchild > Grandparent

​Intra-Familial Transfers are EXEMPT from the CA DOJ Handgun Roster.

​Intra-Familial Transfers are EXEMPT from the One Handgun/Rifle Per 30 Day Limit.

NCGV Intra-Familial Transfer Process Overview:

1.  You must ensure all firearms are legal to possess in CA and are in a CA compliant configuration.

​​2.  Select and contact FFL where the firearm is being transferred from or the family member can ship it directly to NCGV. 

​3.  Gather information & documents required to submit to NCGV for Intra-Familial Transfer Request.

  • Firearm information (make, model, caliber & serial number)​
  • FFL information (name, phone, email, city/state)
  • Copy of front & back of relatives valid, unexpired state Driver's License/ID Card
  • Signed Letter of Intent from relative - Sample Gift Letter
  • Your contact information (phone and email).

​​​4.  Send your Intra-Familial Transfer Request to

​5.  We will review your request and if approved, send a copy of our FFL to the FFL you have chosen or will notify you if your family member is sending it directly.  

​6.  We will notify you when your firearm has been received, inspected, and logged into our system.

​7.  Come into the store with all required documentation (see our blog on paperwork requirements in CA), pay your fees and start your registration paperwork!

Fees for Intra-Familial Transfers

Intra-Familial Transfer Fee

$125 per firearm

CA DOJ DROS Registration Fee

$37.19 per transaction, $10 for each additional firearm on same transaction