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Nor Cal Gun Vault financing uses Global Check's proprietary payment plan that gets you what you want today with up to twelve months to pay for it. You can choose from a 6, 9, or 12 month plan or pay it off within 90 days with no interest. This is not a layaway or high-interest credit card. We don't ask for your Social Security Number and your credit rating with the 3 major bureaus is not part of the decision process, unless there is a default. Global Check's proprietary system examines your recent financial history by verifying that you are in good standing with your bank, maintain a checking account, and have a steady income. We feel this is a more accurate way to determine someone's ability to re-pay a short term obligation. Your income level does matter but even a full time minimum wage earner can qualify for this program.

Example using an annual term sale paid in bi-weekly payments:
Cash PriceDown PaymentRemaining PaymentsPrice Paid
ARC90 $1,000.00 $322.50* $39 Declines to $32 $1,185.00
Lease $1,000.00 $310.00** $63.75 $1,840.00

* Includes $35.00 arc fee and 25% of total ($1150.00) 
** Includes $40.00 fee and 15% of total ($1800.00)

  • What's the total amount I can be approved for?
    Approval amounts for firearm financing may range from a minimum of $300 up to $3,500 dollars. This amount is based on creditworthiness and determined solely by the lender. There is a $35.00 application fee if you are approved, which will be added to your loan amount. There is no fee if you are not approved.
  • Is there a down payment that I must make?
    Yes, there is a down payment of 20% - 25% based upon which loan term you select.
  • Can I partially finance a firearm purchase and pay the difference using a different form of payment?
    Yes, you may partially finance an order. The portion being financed must be $300 dollars or greater.
  • What if I need to return or cancel an order that I financed?
    Standard return and cancellation polices will apply to all financed orders.
  • How long does it take to get approved for Norcal Gun Vault gun financing program?
    Most applications for firearm financing are typically approved within 30 minutes of submitting the application. You will be notified by email of your approval. If you do not get an email response within 30 minutes, then a second review process by Global Check is required and could take 24 hours to complete.